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Who is Urban Motor Works?

UMW   is   owned   and  operated  by  two  people,  Cameran  Kelly  and  Daniel  Rohrer.

 Cameran   graduated  with   his   Business  Degree   from   The  University of South  Florida  and  he  has  been  in the  Car Repair  business  for  over  14  years;  6  years  as a Paint  Technician  and 8  years  as an Estimator/General  Manager . Cameran  has  spent  the past  7 years  working  alongside  Dan.

Daniel  “Dan” is  the  car  guru! Dan  graduated  as  a Master  Technician  from  NASCAR   Technical   Institute  and  has  over  15  years of experience  mastering  a  variety  of  repairs   including  suspension, calibrating,  structural,  aluminum  and   mechanical  repairs. Dan  is   leading  the  industry  with  his  technical  background  and  IT  forte.

Urban Motor Works

Was  created  to  help  body shops  adapt  to the  changing  environment.  With  the  liability  on  an  automotive  shop  at  its  all-time high the  time  is now…To   guarantee   quality   and   safety  of  the  modern-day vehicle. Urban   Motor  Works  provides   high  level  knowledge  and  state  of the  art  equipment; providing  the  solution  necessary  to  calibrate  and  repair  the  latest  model  vehicles. UMW  is  focusing  its horsepower on independent  shops , smaller  shops  that  do  not  provide  mechanical services  in-house,  and shops  that  are  in  the  Decatur  area.UMW will enhance  these  shops  with  technology  and  expertise  needed  to  conform  to the high quality  standard  that  the market  demands.

What makes

Urban Motor Works Great?

UMW will  help  strengthen  your  reputation  and  will  guarantee  the  quality and  safety  of  all  vehicles  we  work  on  for  you  and  your  clients

UMW  works  with  shops  on  maximizing  their  profits  by  the  using  the Sale  Adjustment  Technique.  This  allows  you  to  get  around  the  no  markup  and/or  max  markup  restrictions. UMW  creates  an  advantage  by using  the  estimating  software  that most  shops  use,  allowing  us  to  bill proper  operational  labor  times  the  insurance  companies  will  approve.

UMW  has  low  overhead costs  which  allows  usto work with  shops  on  labor rates, according to their insurance partner contracts.

The  owners  of  UMW  have  years  of  experience  in  successfully  blending mechanical  work  within  collision business. We understand  your  view point.

UMW spared  no  expense on  tools  and  equipment,  to  ensure  the  highest quality  repair.

Urban MotorWorks Offers:

Diagnostics of drivability issues, post and pre-repair
Pre-Diagnosis with repair procedures and labor times
Complete suspension repairs Blind Spot, Distance Radars, Blind Spot, Distance Radars, Adaptive Headlamp Calibration
All SRS Modules and Occupancy Sensor Reprograming
Four Wheel Alignments.
Steering Angle Reset
Hub and Bearing Press
AC Evacuation and Recharge
Engine Overhauls
Wire Harness Repair
EVAC and Charge 1234YF AC

Who Benefits from our Service?

Body shops who rely on the dealer to tackle difficult electrical and mechanical issues
Shops who buy cars from auctions that have mechanical and/or electronic issues
Shops who are bound by insurance max markup or even no markup on sublet bills
Shops that are not close to Dealers
Shops that are tired of damaged suspension repairs, taking up stall space and killing cycle time
Shops who want to guarantee new suspension parts

Social Reviews

Urban Motor Works IconUrban Motor Works

334 North Clarendon Avenue Suite B, Scottdale

4.8 9 reviews

  • Avatar lemetrius Knapp ★★★★★ a year ago
    Very skilled and well rounded Technicians, who are versed in all your car needs. Competitive pricing and quantity repairs. My first choice. Give them a shout!!!! Ask for Cam!!
  • Avatar ShaRon Clark ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    This place has the HIGHEST level of customer service I have experienced in a long time. They only deal with insurance companies usually though, not a personal customer basis.
  • Avatar Nia L ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I was looking for a place to check my Lexus NX that had better deals than the dealership and I couldn’t have been happier. I don’t understand much about cars but they explained everything they were going to do, which I appreciated. The … More owners were both very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this shop if you’re looking for quality work and good service for your car!
  • Avatar Jeremy Sutton ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Great guys. Fantastic service. Great for all tomorrow your automotive needs.
  • Avatar Jose Gonzalez ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I can’t speak greater things about these 2 gentlemen! As a professional collision appraiser, calibrations and electrical repairs are becoming mandatory for every collision repair. The industry is in demand for knowledgeable shops that can … More perform these type of repairs. Urban Motor Works has helped me with multiple cars and have always been on target with completion time and pricing. Thank you Cameran and Dan, my business is yours!
  • Avatar Preston Sellers ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Really good guys that can do just about anything you need! Will definitely be back for more work
  • Avatar Keith Borow ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Weird Vehicle Electrical Issue Fixed!
    I had an extremely weird problem with my out of warranty 2014 Honda Accord and the company that resolved it was Urban Motor Works in Scottdale, GA. Dan and Cameron are amazing! It’s a long story…
    … More
    All the indicator lights would come on in my instrument panel. The ABS, front collision warning, lane drift, brake…. All of them. And then, they would turn off. And then on etc.. The ABS really would fail as would all of the other safety systems in the car making it dangerous to drive.
    Honda was little help. After taking the vehicle to a Honda Dealer, the problem was diagnosed as an ABS module fault. Cost to repair? $1,200! I wouldn’t accept it. I did a ton of research and discovered 1) There were very few people that ever had this issue and 2) that since 2014, only one of these modules had been ordered in the entire Atlanta area and 3) they were back ordered from the manufacturer. Conclusion? These units shouldn’t fail. If they did, the replacement part would be available.
    Opened up a case with American Honda, Response: Nope. Sorry, doesn’t matter that you’ve owned 10 Hondas and that your family has also owned Hondas… we can’t help you. But (nice jab) they did imply that, if only I had been taking my vehicle to the dealer for regular service, they may have been able to assist. Surly made me think about purchasing another brand for my next car. But, I was persistent about finding another way, and I did.
    After discovering Urban Motor Works, they confirmed the dealer’s diagnosis but, went the extra mile to find a surplus ABS module that would bring the total repair bill, including labor to under $600! It was a lot of work to install but the new module didn’t function properly. It was late on a Friday. They put the car back together, didn’t charge me anything.and even brought the car to my home! Then, after a week, they found another unit, installed it and problem solved!

    These guys specialize in weird electrical problems, are honest, incredibly easy to deal with, expert at what they do and work to find cost effective solutions. So if you have a problem like this one, don’t lay down for a car dealer’s restrictive policies. Take it to Urban Motor Works! You won’t be disappointed!

Urban Motor Works
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Aline G.
Aline G.
2020-02-12 17:22:08
Finding a good mechanic shop is tough, but Urban Motor Works is as good as it gets! Shop Manager Cameran, made sure I was taken care of, and my car got the...
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