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Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer services by being on-time with the fastest services, at the best price and with a quality level second to none.

Our goal is to provide your company with the best calibration service in the Atlanta metro region. We do this by developing a deeper professional relationship with our customers. Your company is why we are here, not the other way around.

On-site Automobile Calibration

Urban Motor Works is located in Scottdale, Georgia and services the Atlanta Metro area predominately. Whether you are in need of having your automobile calibrated, need suspension, upgrades, or wheel alignments, Urban Motor Works stands behind its work with guarantees.

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Car Calibration Services Atlanta

Calibration Specialty provides calibration services in the measurement areas of Torque, Force, Pressure, Dimensional, Electronic and Temperature. We service and calibrate Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Micrometers, Calipers, Compound Gauges, Depth Gauges, Torque Wrenches, Dial Indicators, Multimeters, Temperature Indicators, Current Clamps, RPM Indicators, Infrared Thermometers, Hardness Testers, and more.


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