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Your auto air conditioner has one job: to keep you comfortable in the heat. Your A/C compressor is also responsible for assisting with removing moisture from the cabin of your car to keep the windows clear when you turn on the “defrost” function?

When your car was new, the A/C was able to keep you cold no matter how hot it got outside. The worst traffic on the hottest Atlanta day couldn’t bother you. Now that it’s been a couple years, this might not be the case. Over time, the A/C in your vehicle will lose its ability to generate the same level of cold air. This depreciation happens for a number of reasons ranging from rings, hoses and seals wearing down over time; to the compressor itself failing. Either way, often the refrigerant will leak due to these problems and this creates an inability to effectively cool the cabin. This leaking A/C fluid also can be a hazard to the environment


Car Air Conditioning

Urban Motor Works knows how frustrating it can be to sit in a hot car without proper Air Conditioning. Over-time AC systems and hoses can degrade. By running a proper diagnostic, our technicians will identify the problem and resolve it, resulting in a cool, comfortable environment inside your automobile.

Auto Shop Air Conditioning Fix Atlanta

Whether you’re concerned about windshield visibility, keeping the environment safe, or just being comfortable in your car during the heat of summer, be sure to get all of your auto air conditioning components checked before something breaks. So, stop on by today and have our expertly trained and Certified mechanics service your car’s Air Conditioning.

We Ensure Your A/C Stays Cold and Can Keep Your Windows Fog Free
Certified Auto Employs Certified Technicians Only
Your Engine Drives the A/C, So if It’s not Working Right, it’s Adding Undue Stress to Other Systems
Avoid Expensive A/C System Repairs by Having a Regular A/C Check Up



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